From our founding in 1905,
the MORABITO Method of stitching technique has been passed
on through the hands of the experts.
To this day, each MORABITO pieces are carefully
crafted by our craftsmen in the Paris workshop, using the finest materials.

Elegance and the fine selection of premium material

The elegance of MORABITO begins when the jewelry craftsman, Jean-Baptiste Morabito decided to set up his own maison.
From the graceful beauty in the details that comes to life from the fine material and the excellent technique and ideas
in jewelry craftsmanship, the bags embroidered in gold, silver, coral, and tortoiseshell, the diamond clasps…
every detail in the work and the décor embodies the particular elegance iconic to Morabito, the founder.

Morabito remained committed to realizing his original aestheticism by maintaining the traditional beauty of the bags,
seen with crocodiles and calves, while creating uniquely beautiful products with the finest of the materials.

To this day, our determination for beautiful materials and the unparalleled elegance
live in all of the MORABITO pieces, infusing the iconic grace to the various scenes across the world.

Art of Hand-stitching “Cousu Main”

One of the reasons why MORABITO has enjoyed high recognition for our excellence in artistic quality and technique is our Paris workshop. It remains a place for the true veteran artisans with commitment to the traditional craftsmanship.

Every stitch is done by hand, bringing out the full beauty and texture of the crocodile and calf,
breathing life into the pieces to be passed down for generations.
The engraving of “Cousu Main[hand-stitching].”
This is about the reverence to tradition while keeping on the path to discovering the new beauty. Our identity is precisely our unique approach to creation, founded on the genuine artisan spirit and the artistic integrity of a true artist.