The information our customers provide on the MORABITO website is deemed private data subject to this privacy policy. In line with the laws related to personal data protection(“Personal Information Protection Law”) and the Privacy Policy, MORABITO believes that it is our responsibility to protect our customer’s personal data which we must manage with a strict code of conduct and in response to our customer’s requests. For our customers, this means the following:

“Personal data” is any information related to an individual which includes name, birth date, address, ID, passcode, telephone number, email address, visual, sound, and any other information that identifies a specific individual. They are data that is recorded on paper, computer, and other recordable media which is then stored physically or digitally(PC, server(s), recordable medium, data communication devices, etc).

Collecting and using personal data

Generally, customers will not be asked to provide any personal data when viewing the MORABITO website. However, we may ask for their name, email address, address, and other personal information when they place an enquiry at the store.
When such personal data is made available, we will provide the service to their requirement and will use them to respond, post information, or to provide an update to their enquiry.

  • We will not share nor transfer our customer’s personal data(includes email address).
  • We will only collect information which our customer has voluntarily provided. Customers who wish to not disclose their information will have the choice to do so in their own discretion. However, if a service we provide requires such personal information, we ask that they kindly understand that such service may not be made available.
  • Personal data provided from our customers will be used to respond to their enquiry or for the purpose of providing a better service.
  • We will not use our customer’s email address without their consent.
Purpose of using personal data
  • When we introduce MORABITO products and services to our customers
  • To respond to customer enquiry
  • To request customers to provide their opinions and feedback for improving our products and services
  • To create a statistical document that categorizes customers by their attributes(age, address, etc)
  • To offer/display information and services to the customer’s preference.
Safe management of personal data

For the accurate and safe protection of personal data, MORABITO has reasonable measures to restrict access, method of access, fraudulent access as well as against leak, loss, damage, or falsification. If any accident related to personal data occurs such as leaks, MORABITO will promptly take appropriate measures including introducing measures to prevent reoccurrence of such accidents.

Entrusting personal data

MORABITO may entrust subcontractors to carry out some tasks as needed for the purpose clearly stated. In this case, we will manage and oversee the subcontractors (subcontractors includes courier company, print companies to handle direct mails, debt collection agency for collecting the balance, etc.).

Disclosing personal data to a third party

MORABITO will not disclose our customer’s personal data to a third-party other than our subcontractor and related company without the customer’s consent. However, under legal obligation, we may disclose the customer’s personal data when requested by the court, police, or other public authorities.

Enquiry about disclosure, amendment, and deletion of personal data

When a customer requests to confirm their own personal data, to prevent any personal data to leak to a third party, we will provide said information which we have stored, only when we are able to confirm the identification of the enquirer in accordance with our set procedure.

Per our customer’s request, if any correction or changes arise to their personal data, in order to prevent any alteration of customer personal data by a third party, we will amend or delete any incorrect or outdated information, only when we are able to confirm the identification of the enquirer in accordance with our set procedure.

About cookie

MORABITO may use cookie on our website to improve the user experience but we will not use the information collected to identify a specific customer. Customers are able to change their browser setting to either refuse the cookie or to display a warning message when cookie is being used. Please note that if a cookie is refused, some services will not be made available.

Change to the privacy policy

To enforce a stronger security for the protection of our customer’s personal data, MORABITO may alter the statement in this privacy policy in line with the changes in the laws and regulations of France. When such change is made to the statement, we will notify the customers of such change on this page. Customers retain the right to refuse MORABITO should they not agree to the amended statement.

Governing law and jurisdiction

The operation and interpretation of the MORABITO English Website as well as its terms of use are governed by the laws of France. If not stated otherwise, any dispute related to the website or agreed content will fall under the jurisdiction of the Paris district court for the first trial.

Using or accessing the MORABITO website deems that you have acknowledged and agreed to the following terms and conditions regarding personal data protection. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, please refrain from using the MORABITO website.
MORABITO retains the right to change the content of these terms and conditions as needed by updating the content of this page. Should you choose to continue using the MORABITO website after such change, please check and confirm the changes as continued use will be deemed as an agreement to such changes.